June 9, 2017

Björn Kuipers in charge of 2017 FIFA U20 WC Final

Dutch referee Björn Kuipers  has been appointed by FIFA to take charge of 2017 U20 WC Final, to be played on 11 June 2017 between Venezuela and England in Suwon. 

He will be assisted by his countrymen Sander van Roekel as AR1 and Erwin Zeinstra as AR2. Julio Bascuñán from Chile will be the fourth official. Italian Daniele Orsato will act as VAR 1, assisted by New Zealand's Simon Lount and Dutch Danny Makkelie.
For Kuipers this will be the seventh final of an international tournament, after having officiated the last acts of: 2006 UEFA U17 EURO, 2009 UEFA U21 EURO, 2011 UEFA SUPER CUP, 2013 UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE, 2013 FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP, 2014 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

11 June 2017, 12:00 CET (Suwon)
Venezuela - England 
Referee: Björn Kuipers (Netherlands)
Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel (Netherlands)
Assistant Referee 2: Erwin Zeinstra (Netherlands)
Fourth Official: Julio Bascuñán (Chile)
VAR 1: Daniele Orsato (Italy)
VAR 2: Simon Lount (New Zealand)
A VAR: Danny Makkelie (Netherlands)

Moreover, Mexican César Ramos has been appointed for third place match, between Uruguay and Italy.  Kim Jong-hyeok  from host-country will work as fourth official, while Felix Zwayer

11 June 2017, 08:30 CET (Suwon)
Uruguay - Italy
Referee: César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 1: Marvin César Torrentera Rivera (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 2: Miguel Ángel Hernández Paredes (Mexico)
Fourth Official: Kim Jong-hyeok (South Korea)
VAR 1: Felix Zwayer (Germany)
VAR 2: Rédouane Achik (Morocco)
A VAR: Ricardo José Montero Araya (Costa Rica)


  1. Very impressive palmares for Kuipers. This will be the seventh final for him.
    We must underline the fact that Orsato has been appointed as VAR1, despite the presence of Makkelie. A very strong signal, it was already clear that Busacca liked the Italian in this role, now we can be 100% sure, Orsato will attend Russia 2018 as VAR. Makkelie would have been the natural solution here, Kuipers' countryman, VAR expert, but you can see, he has been appointed "only" as assistant VAR. Very likely, Orsato's work behind the monitors was excellent, we should think so :)

    About third place's assignment: I'm sure that César Ramos will contend the Mexican spot for Russia 2018 to García Orozco. The latter was a bit unlucky: at first in 2014 Marco Rodríguez was selected, and then now César Ramos is a strong candidate. However, working hard he can try to defend his position. We will see.

    1. Better Roberto Garcia officiate 2018 World Cup because his age is around 44.

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  2. OT:
    Toulon U20 appointment for final:
    England - Ivory Coast
    Referee: Pavel Orel (Czech rep.)
    AR1: Tomas Mokrusch (Czech rep.)
    AR2: Jakub Hrabovsky (Czech rep.)

  3. Chefren, one small thing to point out... Kuipers took charge of the 2014 UCL final in Lisbon... The 2015 final in Berlin went to Çakir... Please correct this info :)

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    1. On the double posting issue : As Mikael pointed out already, the double posting wasn't my fault it's Google's problem that it often happens so maybe verifying things before you accuse someone would be a nice option!!
      Coming to the context of remembering the 1994 and 1998 WC it's impossible for me to do so because I was born in February 1998!!
      Now speaking of achievements there aren't any to speak of because I'm just in the 3rd year of my refereeing practise and I'm yet to take it up at a higher level because of University studies!!
      Next is about referees India have to offer... What's the requirement of such a rant on Indian referees?? Is it my fault that India doesn't produce good referees?? Or just because India has not many good referees should mean that Indians can't comment on refereeing?? Where in the world is it written that an Indian cannot be a fan of a Dutch or Polish referee?? I admire their style and they're my idol in refereeing... Who says that I need to idolize an AFC referee?? Just because Mexican referees are not given the big finals don't take the frustration out on me!!
      And talking about Kuipers and Marciniak, I'll obviously make my opinion known but as Niclas told me I'll be keeping a check on it to the permissible level... I don't think I've gone on speaking about them crossing the permissible limit except one or 2 occasions when I've been rightly corrected... Moreover I don't complain when you go on blabbering about Mexican referees and how they are the best and etc... So please respect other's opinion even if you don't agree with them!!
      I posted just to let Chefren know about the small typo in the post so this personal rant coming from you was highly unexpected... Anyway it's alright!!
      Sorry for such a long post and please pardon me if google posts this twice!! Thank you!! :)

    2. @Soham: Please ignore Mr Vasquez and Castrilli. Trolls are not worth to pay attention to.

      They are "red-carded" from now on.

    3. I will surely do so from now on, Niclas :)

    4. And still with three years you contribute so much better to this blog than some other (former) comments ;-)

    5. Thanks for the support, Mikael 😊 Means a lot :)

  5. VAR appointments in whole tournament (as VAR1 + AVAR)
    Orsato: 8+0
    Vigliano: 7+0
    Zwayer: 7+0
    Makkelie: 5+2
    Sampaio: 0+7
    Charef: 5+1
    Moen: 3+3
    Collum: 0+6
    Shukralla: 3+2
    Vargas: 3+2
    Montero: 2+3
    Waldron: 1+4
    Sidiropolous: 0+5
    Garcia: 4+0
    Kralovec: 2+2
    Pitti: 0+4
    Bin Jahari: 1+2
    Diedhiou: 1+2
    Otogo: 0+3
    Sato: 0+2
    Argote: 0+2

    1. Clearly Orsato and Zwayer are the FIFA favourites at this moment!!!

  6. OT : Among the current UEFA referees, who has the most number of international finals in his palmares??

    1. I think Kuipers at moment is the referee with the most number of finals.
      He was followed by UEFA since his early years as international referee, for this reason he has two UEFA Euro Championships finals respectively in 2006 and 2009. One can say he deserved all what he got later. He wasn't a referee with a sudden breakthrough, he was already there when he started to achieve something important.
      Clattenburg (about to leave Elite Category and UEFA) should follow with 4 finals: Super Cup, Champions League, EURO and Olympics.
      Rizzoli: Champions League, Europa League, World Cup. "Only" three finals, but two are the most important ones :)
      Hopefully I didn't forget other referees with a remarkable palmares. In case, just help me!

    2. Thanks a lot for these information, Chefren :)

  7. Incident free, smooth game for Kuipers till now it seems!! :)

    1. Nice to hear that. BTW I didn't watch third place game this morning, but I think that the performance by César Ramos was expected level. I don't read about potentially controversial situations or something like that.

    2. Yes Cesar Ramos had a smooth game as well with no controversial situations... Good performance in a normal game :)

  8. Correct penalty to Venezuela spotted by Kuipers and confirmed by VAR

    1. Can you please share the time when this happened?? :)

    2. Minute 72. VAR took less than a minute to confirm the decision.
      ENG #6's knee on VEN#7's leg

    3. Really great to know that Kuipers got the call right :) Error free performance by both Cesár Ramos and Björn Kuipers in Suwon today to cap off an excellent tournament in South Korea :)

    4. I'm not agree with the penalty decision. At least it could be grey area and therefore the final decision should be done by Kuipers.

    5. https://streamable.com/mphtn

    6. Kuipers decided for a penalty, didn't he?? @Maldun190

    7. Great area? Come on, obvious foul.

    8. You can't really see the foul in the first perspective, but it becomes clear in the second one.
      Interestingly, Kuipers had more or less the first point of view, so actually very difficult to spot for him. So maybe Zeinstra was helping?

    9. In my opinion a penalty you can whistle, but not an obvious foul...

    10. Second replay, defender's right knee...

    11. Depends on the interpretation of "obvious" :) Videorefereeing it is a penalty after the second replay. On the field, extremely difficult to spot. I would not call it a classical grey area either, but nonetheless the situation is not 100% clear in the sense of "visible".

  9. Do You have information about FIFA Confedertions Cup referees? Are they already in Russia? What city will be used as a camp?

    1. Yes, they arrived in Russia two/three days ago.

    2. Zenit training center in Saint Petersburg

    3. Have the VARs also reached Russia??

  10. OT strange that a few days before the start of the tournament, UEFA has not still officially published the referees for under 21 in Poland.

    1. That new layout is really poor regarding info about referees.

    2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_UEFA_European_Under-21_Championship
      Fourth officials can be found at 'Match officials', however, I cannot ensure that the information is correct.

    3. It is. They were announced by Polish FA.

  11. My predections for the Confederations Cup:

    Russia-New Zealand
    R:Bakary Gassama (GAM)
    FO: Mark Geiger (USA)
    VAR1: Malang Diedhiou (SEN)
    VAR2: Joe Fletcher (USA)
    AVAR: Sandro Ricci (BRA)

    R: Alireza Faghani (IRN)
    FO: Fahad Al Mirdasi (KSA)
    VAR1: Ravshvan Irmatov (UZB)
    VAR2: Abdulah Alshalwai (KSA)
    AVAR: Jair Marrufo (USA)

    R: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
    FO: Damir Skomina (SVN)
    VAR1: Clément Turpin (FRA)
    VAR2: Jure Praprotnik (SVN)
    AVAR: Artur Soares Dias (POR)

    R: Wilmar Roldán (COL)
    FO: Abdelkader Zitouni (TAH)
    VAR 1: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
    VAR 2:Jean Claude Brumushahu (BDI)
    AVAR: Enrique Caceres (PAR)

  12. My predections for Euro U21
    SWE-ENG Gedminas Mazeika (LTU) FO: Roy Hassan (ISR)
    POL-SVK Serdar Gözübüyök (NED) FO: Igor Demeshko (RUS)

    POR-SRB Tobias Stieler (GER) FO: Michal Obukowicz (POL)
    ESP-MKD Harald Lechner (AUT) FO: Peter Kralovic (SVK)

    GER-CZE Bobby Madden (SCO) FO: Marcin Borkowski (POL)
    DEN-ITA Slavko Vincic (SVN) FO: Roy Hassan (ISR)

    1. My predictions:

      SWE-ENG: Bastien and team (FRA), FO: Demeshko (RUS)
      POL-SVK: Stieler and team (GER), FO: Simkus (LTU)
      POR-SRB: Gözübüyük and team (NED), FO: Klancnik (SVN)
      ESP-MKD: Kruzliak and team (SVK), FO: Hassan (ISR)
      GER-CZE: Gil Manzano and team (ESP), FO: Borkowski (POL)
      DEN-ITA: Madden and team (SCO), FO: Obukowicz (POL)

  13. OT: FIFA signed a deal with belgian TopSportsLab for daily monitoring and follow-up of all WC 2018 referees. TopSportsLab already worked with UEFA for Euro 2012 & 2016.


  14. OT
    Velasco Carballo became FIFA instructor.
    I got the names of FIFA instructors who attended the course in Italy on last April: Taleb Al Raeesi (QAT), Esse Baharmast (USA), Jorge Larrionda (URU), Óscar Ruiz (COL), Lim Kee Chong (MRI), Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP), Alfredo Trentalange (ITA).
    Fitness coaches: Carlo Castagna (ITA), Silvio Aguinaga (PAR), Grzegorz Krzosek (POL), Ganesan Maniam (SIN), Mademba Mbacke (SEN), Erick Joel Samayoa (GUA), Marco Vaccari (ITA).

    1. Will he work as a referee assessor for FIFA as well???

    2. No, because he is not a FIFA referees committee member, he will work only for training referees.

    3. Oh I get it... Good for him to be involved with refereeing in some way... Young referees will surely benefit from his knowledge and experience!! :)

  15. My predictions for 2017 Confederations Cup (round 1 and 2):

    RUS - NZL --> Faghani
    POR - MEX --> Roldan

    CAM - CHI --> Mazic
    AUS - GER --> Geiger

    RUS - POR --> Gassama
    MEX - NZL --> Al Mirdasi

    CAM - AUS --> Rocchi
    CHI - GER --> Pitana

    1. Russia v New Zealand has gone to Wilmar Roldan (Colombia)

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