June 14, 2017

UEFA U-21 EURO 2017: Referee Appointments for Matchday 1

UEFA has appointed German Tobias Stieler and Dutch Serdar Gözübüyük to handle MD1 games in group A at UEFA U21 EURO 2017. The Dutch crew will officiate the home national team against Slovakia, while the German will be in charge of Sweden - England, the opener of the tournament.

A, 16 June, 18:00 CET (Kielce)
Sweden - England
Referee: Tobias Stieler (GER)
Assistant Referees: Rafael Foltyn (GER), Jan Seidel (GER)
Additional Assistant Referees: Daniel Siebert (GER), Benjamin Brand (GER)
Fourth Official: Tomaž Klančnik (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Charles Schaack (LUX)
UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Enrique Mejuto González (ESP)

A, 16 June, 20:45 CET (Lublin)
Poland - Slovakia
Referee: Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)
Assistant Referees: Bas van Dongen (NED), Joost van Zuilen (NED)
Additional Assistant Referees: Dennis Highler (NED), Jeroen Manschot (NED)
Fourth Official: Diego Barbero Sevilla (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Kris Bellon (BEL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Markus Nobs (SUI)

B, 17 June, 18:00 CET (Bydgoszcz)
Portugal - Serbia
Referee: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Haquette (FRA), Hicham Zakrani (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referees: Benoît Millot (FRA), Jérôme Miguelgorry (FRA)
Fourth Official: Michał Obukowicz (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Tomasz Mikulski (POL)
UEFA Delegate: Karl Espen Eriksen (NOR)

B, 17 June, 20:45 CET (Gdynia)
Spain - FYR Macedonia
Referee: Harald Lechner (AUT)
Assistant Referees: Maximilian Kolbitsch (AUT), Andreas Heidenreich (AUT)
Additional Assistant Referees: Alexander Harkam (AUT), Julian Weinberger (AUT)
Fourth Official: Marcin Borkowski (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Arturs Gaidels (LVA)

C, 18 June, 18:00 CET (Tychy)
Germany - Czech Republic 
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
Assistant Referees: Ángel Nevado Rodríguez (ESP), Diego Barbero Sevilla (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referees: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP), Juan Martínez Munuera (ESP)
Fourth Official: Igor Demeshko (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vladimir Sajn (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Balázs Makray (HUN)

C, 18 June, 20:45 CET (Krakow)
Denmark - Italy 
Referee: Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
Assistant Referees: Tomaš Somolani (SVK), Branislav Hancko (SVK)
Additional Assistant Referees: Peter Kralović (SVK), Filip Glova (SVK)
Fourth Official: Roy Hassan (ISR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Hugh Dallas (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Metin Kazancıoğlu (TUR)


  1. Does anyone know what day the confederation cup appointments will come out? For this Saturday and Sunday?

    1. Saturday's appointment should be out on Thursday and similarly Sunday's appointment should be out on Friday... At least for the U20 World Cup FIFA was very regular in releasing the appointments 2 days before the match so I hope they'll maintain the same for Confederations Cup as well!!! :)

    2. Thanks for the response!

    3. You are welcome!! :)

    4. I hope to see Bakary Gassama in Russia - New Zealand.

    5. Me too Chefren... That guy is a really good referee but never really properly rewarded well by FIFA in terms of appointments... An opening match woould indeed him!! :)

    6. In fact he belonged to the upper midfield of officials at WC 2014 merely by performance. Only Busacca knows why he only got 1 match...

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    8. The solution for referees from outside Europe is to abandon their personal characteristics and adopt a European style. So I see Pitana and Faghani have a good chance to command the Confederations Cup final, since according the comments in the own FIFA they have a "European" style.

    9. Indeed it's strange and i am wondering and today about the situation of Gassama.That match at WC 2014(Netherlands-Chile) was not a simple match,because Netherlands as well as Chile fought for avoiding the hosts Brazil in 1/8 and if i remember he performed quite well.

    10. Haimoudi being from Algeria, Senegal, Seychelles had the political backing despite having two performances not at expected level, and Gassama having one very good performance. I am sure he'll get more at WC2018.

    11. Yes Mikael you're very right... The small association of Gambia is obviously a big factor... As for Russia 2018 he's leaps and bounds ahead of other CAF officials so he can be certain of getting a big knockout match!! :)

    12. For sure. Haimoudi probably had Belaid Lacarne behind him and was the most experienced African referee, so I can understand why they put him into the pole position for the KO stage. But Doue??

      @Joaquin: Indeed, Faghani has a quite European style. The question is whether this is that terrible. As the best football seems to be played in European leagues, maybe the so-called European style simply reflects what is needed to referee top-flight matches in the best possible way. And given that at the last 3 World Cups 9 of the 12 teams that reached the last 4 games were from Europe, you can easily see that Asian, African or Latin American referees who want to reach these games maybe have to slightly adopt their style to the requirements of the teams and types of games. This does not mean that they should give up their personal philosophy of refereeing - here Busacca has a different opinion and from what I have heard, this made the one or other WC2010 referee finish his career.

  2. Media briefing on VAR and GLT

    1. 22:05: "We had 12 decisions changed on VAR input. Out of 52 games. That's almost 10%." ...

    2. I fear that he won't get a prize for this calculation. 😉 At least he tried it...

    3. Yes :) But apart from that, what FIFA and Busacca did can be only appreciated: Explaining, explaining, explaining.

  3. Russia - New Zealand

    Referee: Wilmar ROLDÁN Colombia
    Assistant Referee 1: Alexander GUZMAN (COL)
    Assistant Referee 2: Cristian DE LA CRUZ (COL)
    Fourth official: Mark GEIGER (USA)
    Video Assistant Referee 1: Sandro RICCI (BRA)
    Video Assistant Referee 2: Joe FLETCHER (CAN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Enrique CÁCERES (PAR)

    1. Now Gassama is actually the only possible option for Australia-Germany, isn't he?

    2. Nestor Pitana and Mark Geiger are also possible!! 🤔

    3. Indeed, I forgot Pitana (although I think they should keep him for higher tasks). Geiger might be impossible as he is fourth official on Saturday.

    4. Geiger it is :D With Roldan as FO :D

  4. A spanish reporter said that Germany - Czech Republic will be refereed by the Spanish team (Gil Manzano, Nevado Rodríguez, Barbero Sevilla, del Cerro Grande and Martínez Munuera). https://twitter.com/isaacfouto

  5. If I am not wrong, Edward said that Uilenberg will also be observer in UEFA U-19. Very bussy summer for him after CL Final.

  6. MD 2 predictions:
    SVK-ENG: Vincic (Kolbitsch)
    POL-SWE: Madden (van Dongen)
    SRB-MAZ: Mazeika (Hassan)
    POR-SPA: Stieler (Demeshko)
    CZE-ITA: Lechner (Borkowski)
    GER-DEN: Gözübüyük (Obukowicz)

    1. My predictions:
      SVK-ENG: Mazeika (LTU); Van Dongen (NED)
      POL-SWE: Vincic (SVN); Kolbitsch (AUT)
      SRB-MKD: Madden (SCO); Demeshko (RUS)
      POR-ESP: Stieler (GER); Hassan (ISR)
      CZE-ITA: Bastien (FRA); Borkowski (POL)
      GER-DEN: Gözübüyük (NED); Obukowicz (POL)

  7. http://www.nzs.si/novica/Vincicu_na_EP_U_-_21_tekma_med_Poljsko_in_Svedsko?id=44828&id_objekta=41

    Vincic with his team has got Poland - Sweden

  8. Easy-going first half for Tobias Stieler. Well issued public warning at the beginning has calmed things down. Maybe a YC for studs-tackle could have been given in the 45th minute but taking into account the match atmosphere, no card was still acceptable. Good teamwork at one offside with AR1 signaling an advantage with left, free hand.

    1. We have seen the same match. Literally 100% agreed :)

  9. Absolutely correct penalty given by Stieler. Very likely there was a talk with AAR2 and AR2 via headset before he took the decision.

  10. Penalty call in my opinion justified. Reckless tackle, opponent was forced to jump. Even though the ball was hit at first, it was in my opinion correct to call the penalty because it was more on the opponent than on the ball. AAR2 supported Stieler but I think a mandatory YC was missing there, if reason for the penalty is the reckless challenge, you have to book.

  11. Good start for Team Stieler:
    1) Penalty kick absolutely correct, good cooperation in the trio Ref-AR2-AAR2. As Chefren mentioned, I think the studs contact was reckless. Therefore, a yellow card would have been the better, maybe the needed option. Anyway: nothing happened over 80 minutes, then this unexpected situation, and they were alert when needed. Well done.
    2) Stieler sent early messages to the players, refrained from unnecessary advantages where no team benefit was given, tended to prefer staying in control and set clear limits, underlined by a good whistle language. This contributed to a calm game.
    3) Some free-kicks looked clear in the live view, but turned out to be very soft at times (e.g. 2x in 1st half, minute 70, minute 88). Here he could have allowed more game fluency.
    4) As Ray pointed out, a YC was possible in 45'. Around 55', a YC for an elbow was maybe possible, too, it was borderline to using it as a tool. In both situations, I however think the game atmosphere allowed the way Stieler chose to handle it. No cards needed, but discrete, and in the other case stronger words - good option.

    All in all, for me 8.4 level.

  12. Key match incidents assessed correctly by Stieler and his team: no penalty in 73' (Swede run into an opponent) and penalty in 80' (defender played the ball but also hit opponent's legs).

    Regarding disciplinary control, there were two situation Stieler could have booked English players (45' studs-tackle and 56' illegal use of arms) but taking into account that the game was played in a very fair manner and Swedish players fouled more often (#2 SWE was on the borderline of being booked for persistent infringing the laws of the game), decisions to not issue cards were rather a good game feeling than something more. As for the penalty call, I think a YC was also not necessary. The dynamic was average, more low than high, and it was some kind of follow through than direct reckless tackle.

    Excellent scene when Stieler helped #18 SWE when he got a cramp. Well done! But rare picture, we know...

    There were also 3-4 very soft whistles from Stieler, but nothing major. However, it was not good cooperation when Stieler whistled a foul 1 meter from the AR1 whose flag stayed down (90').

    I would go with 8.4s for the entire team. Maybe AR2 or AAR2 with 8.5 for help at the penalty call, but we don't know the decision-making process. Good refereeing in the opening game.

    1. Good analysis, I agree, however I would have liked YC in the penalty scene.
      Nice remark about Stieler helping a player for cramps: here in Italy referees wouldn't "dare" to do that, there should be always a certain "distance" between them and the players. This was a very human gesture from Stieler but indeed surely rare.

    2. This actually well reflects Stieler's refereeing philosophy (and maybe also the one DFB puts forward): Referees are partners of the players. :) I would also say that I could never imagine someone like Orsato doing that.

    3. Couldn't add more to the analysis, but great appointment by UEFA of a German referee to British-Nordic match.

    4. Well, Tobias Stiele is my big hope of the next young german Generation of referees and May be the biggeSt up coming New talent - much more than Zwayer. But I often watched him and believe me he can totally change his style if he smells a very aggressive Atmosphere und sees many crucial Fouls. He sends more players off than one could think who Sees his smooth style in normal games. In that point he is following much more the "Aytekin-" than the authorative "Stark- or Brych-philosophy".

    5. I fully agree (although I see Zwayer and Stieler both on a comparable level). Stieler has the ability to flexibly adapt his body language, relation to players, line and leadership style to the requirements of the players, situation and game as a whole as noone else in Bundesliga. This is REALLY something rare in the current UEFA refereeing circus.

  13. Hah, Niclas, we are really unanimous today! :D

    1. Yes I thought the same... :) The only point to clarify is whether a caution is necessary for the penalty foul. I will rewatch this incident later...maybe we agree even there then :)

    2. OK, more reckless than careless, but I guess the referee observer won't be too much focused on that. ;)


    3. The observer probably not, but I guess in the debriefings at the hotel they'll make it a topic. Rather compulsory yellow, I think.

  14. By the way, you can see videos from Belarus - Bulgaria WC quali refereed by Jug under the respective post on the blog.

    1. Thanks a lot. Will have a look by tomorrow!

  15. A not so polished but still good performance by Gözübüyük. Some 50/50 or even 60 (foul) / 40 (no foul) situations in which no free kicks to Slovakia were given. It would be tactically wise to whistle one or two fouls of Polish players (12', 29', 31').

    Missed #4 POL's foul - knee in the stomach - that was more reckless than careless.
    Neither Gözübüyük nor AR1 nor 4OF didn't catch that (22').

    Good public warning to #3 SVK in 34'. Calmer and less theatrical gestures would be nice, but I suppose it's up to the referee's style.

    One missed corner by AAR2 in 26'.

    1. One has to praise Gözübüyük's tendency to look for an advantage when possible. Many well played advantages, always signaled by one-hand gesture though.

    2. Good second half from Gözübüyük. Correct YC: 71' to #3 SVK (blatant kicking the ball away to delay the restart), 82' to #18 SVK (late reckless tackle). #17 POL escaped a YC twice: 51' - careless/reckless tackle (warning) and 82' - kicking an opponent in the back while trying to score. 79' - quite blatant holding by one of the Slovak players, no clear SPA, but...

      Good management in hot moments like holding and pushing at set pieces, harder fouls or little tensions between players (86' - calm talk, well done!).

      The mark should be 8.4 as well.

    3. Overall, a first day of good officiating at Under 21 tournament. I hope the same for tomorrow and the next fixtures.

  16. OT : Ray, can you please tell me a bit more about Michal Obukowicz ?? How good a prospect in refereeing is he in Poland?? :)

    1. Are you interested in assistant referee? :D

      Not the best last seasons for him. Some clear, important mistakes made in EL (Celtic - Lincoln) and in domestic league.

    2. Oh I didn't know he's an AR :D I thought he might be an upcoming talent from Poland like Marciniak!! :D

  17. 19/06

    Group A, 18:00 CET, Kielce (Kolporter Arena)
    Slovakia - England
    Referee: Gediminas Mažeika (Lithuania)
    Assistant Referee 1: Vytautas Šimkus (Lithuania)
    Assistant Referee 2: Vytenis Kazlauskas (Lithuania)
    Fourth Official: Joost van Zuilen (Netherlands)
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Donatas Rumšas (Lithuania)
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Robertas Valikonis (Lithuania)
    UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Enrique Mejuto González (Spain)
    UEFA Delegate: Charles Schaack (Luxembourg)

    Group A, 20:45 CET, Lublin (Arena Lublin)
    Poland - Sweden
    Referee: Slavko Vinčič (Slovenia)
    Assistant Referee 1: Tomaž Klančnik (Slovenia)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andraž Kovačič (Slovenia)
    Fourth Official: Jan Seidel (Germany)
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Rade Obrenovič (Slovenia)
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Ponis (Slovenia)
    UEFA Referee Observer: Markus Nobs (Switzerland)
    UEFA Delegate: Kris Bellon (Belgium)

    1. Is there a special connection between Germany and Slovenia?
      German 4th for the Slovenian team after Klancnik assisted Stieler. Also at the EURO last year Jug was the 4th official in two Brych games, while Fritz was in Skomina's team for one game.

    2. Interesting choices concerning the Fourth Officials:

      If UEFA wants to grant each official at least one rest-day, one of the two games in Group B on Matchday 2 (SRB - MKD, POR - ESP) should go to team Madden (SCO) without appointment so far - but the other one?

      Game 1: Stieler (GER) - out due to Seidel's presence one day before
      Game 2: Gözübüyük (NED) - out due to van Zuilen's presence one day before
      Game 3: Bastien (FRA) - out due to his first game in Group B
      Game 4: Lechner (AUT) - out due to his first game in Group B
      Game 5: Gil Manzano (ESP) - out due to his origin of Spain
      Game 6: Kruzliak (SVK) - would be appointed before having handled his first game
      Game 7: Mazeika (LTU) - out due to no rest-day between
      Game 8: Vincic (SVN) - out due to no rest-day between

    3. Regarding Bastien and Lechner, it was avoided in the last edition in Czech Republic, but in Israel (2013) and Sweden (2009) some referees handled two games of one team in the same group.

    4. Regarding GER-SVN: Vincic speaks German as far as I presume (isn't he CEO of a Slovenian-German industrial company?). Maybe the same goes for Klancnik and co?

    5. As far as I remember, UEFA just used to re-appointed referees for teams they already handled before on the last group stage day but never on the second matchday. I assume that UEFA wanted to assign the best referees for the decisive games and prefered to appoint referees with weaker performances for teams they already had provided that the game in question was already "meaningless". I do, however, not expect to see Bastien or Lechner in Group B again on Matchday 2 - I rather think that Stieler or Gözübüyük could get SRB-MKD or POR-ESP despite Seidel's and van Zuilen's assignments one day before.

    6. * "re-appoint" instead of "re-appointed". :-(

  18. Portugal - Serbia (B. Bastien)

    Key Match Incidents:
    18' - Serbian player tried to convince the referee he was hit in the face in the penalty area. More simulation than something else. Play-on call from Bastien.
    47' - good but also very easy offside call from AR1 denying a goal
    55' - YC to #3 SRB for reckless tackle, borderline to SFP, but still OK if not preferable decision to book the player.
    87' - #16 POR tried to deceive the referee he was fouled in a reckless manner by #3 SRB who was cautioned earlier in the match. It was a normal careless foul, but surely nothing more. In the perfect world, a stern talk to #16 POR would have been ideal.

    - 7 yellow cards (4-3): 3x reckless tackle, 3x SPA/holding, 1x illegal use of arms (that one was quite soft if not incorrect one, 78').
    - consistent approach, very reserved and firm body language, visible distance between the referee and players (no single talk, one public warning in 17')
    - well caught cases of stealing few meters at set pieces

    A very solid 8.4.

  19. A correct penalty call by Lechner in ESP - MKD. Deliberate handball.
    I missed the early minutes of the game, it would be nice to know how he performed, especially about the TC issued at the beginning. Thanks.

    1. I am watching those games in quite low quality, but IMO he missed a penalty to MKD. One of Spaniards blocked the shot with an outstretched hand. As there was a clear save movement, the short distance doesn't matter. I am looking for replays. In case of lack of them, I will download the game and will make clips.

      The YC in 2' was for reckless tackle. Lechner hesitated but finally issued a yellow card. Good call.

    2. Agreed with Ray, for me a missed penalty to MKD exactly for the reason Ray described. YC decision was a good one, as well as the penalty to ESP.
      Here some quick (lower quality) clips:

      2' YC Meré (ESP)

      13' Handball ESP and missed PK?

      34' Penalty ESP after handball

    3. Thanks. YC is correct. Handball in 13' for me punishable, despite of the very short distance, arm is clearly outstretched. Penalty to be whistled but not easy to detect.

    4. Thanks for the videos!

      Well caught simulation of Macedonian player in 51'. He jumped into the opponents. Play-on was the call, I would like to see a YC for such behaviours. (any chance for a video, DutchRef?)

      Some cynical fouls of Macedonians without strong reaction from the referee. The game was calm and there was no bad blood in it, but such acceptance was quite risky.

      All in all, a 7.9 (8.4) performance.

    5. A video of the 51' dive situation, as requested ;) The video's will be replaced by better quality video's in due time.


    6. On the penalty in favour of Spain: Yes, I support the call. But just for the purpose of discussion: It wasn't SO clear, was it? The hand position could be easily interpreted as player-natural or at least typical of such a defensive movement. The hand did not seem to be tensed, it went away after being hit by the ball. Still, other criteria overweigh in the end, but I would not say it is the clearest deliberate handball on earth :)

      As for the penalty not given: Yes, clear deliberate handball. But only visible after 3 replays from behind. From Lechner's position, maybe nearly impossible to spot. I cannot really blame him that much.

    7. 51': I am not even convinced, that this is not a foul. The white player plays the ball between the defenders and tries to follow it. ESP#2 stretches out his leg to impede the progress, thus there is contact. And even if the attacker jumps - that is not forbidden and I don't see an obvious attempt to dive here.

  20. I am not sure, whether this has been posted before:
    At the U21 tournament, coaches and team officials can be shown yellow and red cards. This a trial for one of the suggestions made by IFAB.
    Verbal warning:
    - stepping on the field
    - ignoring the fourth official
    Yellow card:
    - Disrespectful gestures (e.g. clapping)
    - Throwing / kicking bottles
    - demanding a card for the opponent
    - entering the opponent's coaching zone
    Red card:
    - agressive/physical behaviour against referee or opponents
    - insults
    - confrontation with officials on the field
    - throwing/kicking things onto the field

    1. Difficult to apply. Assistant referees are almost always focused on the offside line. Fourth official should follow play. Team officials could make disrespectful gestures only while being sure they are not in the referee's line of sight. Craftier will be the winner.

  21. Germany - Czech Republic (J. Gil Manzano)

    08' - good public warning to CZE player, good body language
    22' - studs-tackle of GER player correctly whistle but no YC given
    25' - no reaction on studs-tackle of CZE player
    30' to 37' - after a clear foul of CZE player missed by the referee and almost the same foul whistled close to GER penalty area, the match got slightly out of control, many fouls in those minutes, some dissent
    41' - well played advantage and a penalty appeal from Germany - slight off the ball push, but rather not enough for a whistle

    As you can see, some inconsistencies or missed things (studs-tackles in 22' and 25', undermining an opponent in 30' and 31'). Apart from that, excellent fitness level and positioning - world class in this aspect!

    1. Better second half by Gil Manzano.

      Key Match Incidents:
      48' - correctly rejected Germany's penalty appeal; handball within the body contour
      72' - correctly rejected Germany's penalty appeal; slight holding but surely a too late and too easy fall
      84' - correctly given penalty kick for Czech player's handball while blocking a pass (expected ball, clearly outstretched hand)

      Other situations:
      34', 69', 73' - soft dissents by #17 GER, no reaction at first two and quick talk after the third one; maybe the referee should have reacted earlier?
      70' - no YC to #8 CZE for studs-tackle; low intensity, rather not deliberate, acceptable decision
      82' - wrong YC to #10 CZE for SPA(?), the ball strongly kicked by the fouled player, he would not have reached it anymore, no reckless foul
      88' - excellent reaction to protests of Czech player, YC issued before he even reached the referee; also correct evaluation of penalty scene - attacking player's foul at first (whistled) and deliberate handball from defender then
      90+3' - wrong offside call by AR2, a Germany's OGSO denied

      Two different halves. Some problems in the first one and a very good second one. Of course, an expected level performance, but I'm thorn between 8.3 and 8.4. Taking into account that I was quite lenient towards Gözübüyük, I will go with 8.4, too!

  22. Collina is at stadium watching Kruzliak in Denmark - Italy.

    1. Consistent approach regarding #6 DEN's fouls. Public warning in 10' and a yellow card for persistent infringing the laws of the game in 26'. Well played advantages in both cases.

      Missed at least one mandatory yellow card to #6 ITA (reckless tackle with trailing leg in 39'). The other ones could have been issued as well (20' - #8 DEN attacks an opponent with a knee in the back (at least a stronger warning should have been issued); 23' - #7 ITA attacks an opponent with a high studs-tackle, slightly below the knee, while trying to block a pass).

      Really wide (sometimes maybe too wide) diagonal way of movements.

  23. Just to mention... every single corner kick by Andersen was outside the corner area

    1. Yeah. It was the referee's responsibility to catch that.

      Almost nothing to report on the second half. Therefore, my mark is 8.2 bordering to 8.3, so I will go with an 8.3.

  24. My ranking after the first matchday:

    1. Stieler
    2. Bastien
    3. Gil Manzano / Gözübüyük
    5. Kružliak
    6. Lechner

    1. I saw only the Lechner's game but if he is the last ranked I wonder how good the others have been...

    2. He is the last ranked only due to missed penalty. It was the only important mistake at the tournament so far.

      But yes, the level of refereeing at this Euro is really high. Being strict / in order to distinguish the performances, I would say:
      8.4 for Stieler and Bastien
      8.3 for Gil Manzano and Gözübüyük
      8.2 for Kružliak
      7.9 (8.4) for Lechner

    3. The question is whether the missed penalty was a "mistake" (per definition, one can have doubts about that). The handball was hardly, maybe even not visible.

    4. Alright, Ray. But I cannot imagine Lechner's missed penalty is evaluated as crucial mistake by Uilenberg (and UEFA).

    5. But you think that because it's undeliberate handball for you or because it was impossible to see according to you?

      Undeliberate handball - I would strongly disagree as it was typical blocking a shot with outstretched arm

      Impossible to see - sorry, but if the situation occurs in the playing distance, the referee has to be responsible for missing things, no matter how good (or bad) is he positioned. Sometimes a crucial mistake is understandable, sometimes we crucify the referee for a big error, but still it's an important mistake in the report. In case of "understandable" important mistake, the referee is simply not suspended or doesn't suffer much from it regarding next appointments.

    6. I only speak for myself, and I of course think that one can have a different view on that. But from my refereeing experience in particular, you cannot spot it. Or at least it is very very difficult. And in this case, normally the observer should back him (of course always under the premise that it was discussed in the debriefing at all ...).

  25. Underneath the refereeing highlights of both matches on the opening day (MD1, group A). The clips of the group B matches following later tonight, and the group C highlights up for tomorrow.

    England - Sweden (Tobias Stieler, GER)

    Poland-Slovakia (Serdar Gözübüyük, NED)

  26. MD 1 - Group B highlights

    Portugal - Serbia (Benoît Bastien, FRA)

    Spain - FYR Macedonia (Harald Lechner, AUT)

  27. And finally the MD1 - Group C video's.

    Germany - Czech Republic (Jesús Gil Manzano, ESP)

    Denmark - Italy (Ivan Kruzliak, SVK)

    All MD1 clips made with the help of RayHD, who suggested the most interesting situations. Thanks for that!

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